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Director and cast member discuss Amazing Spiderman 2’s big climax (SPOILERS!)



Comingsoon.net was good enough to get reactions from director Marc Webb and cast member Emma Stone on the controversial ending to this weekend’s hit at the box office.  I really wondered whether they told Emma at the beginning that she was going to die.  It turns out they did.  Here’s the short video:

And here is what Marc Webb had to say about that matter:

“It’s a controversial thing in the comic, certainly,” Webb agreed. “People flipped the f*ck out, but it also ushered in a new era of comics. It changed Spider-Man but it changed all of comics because people took it seriously. It’s like ‘Game of Thrones.’ When somebody pulls out a blade, you’re like, ‘I don’t know what the f*ck’s going to happen.’ And that’s important, that kind of drama. It’s important that actions have consequences. I think that it’s easy to lose track of the idea that these people are dealing with really dangerous elements of the universe.”

The decision to kill Gwen also changed the very nature of the story they planned on telling in the sequel, because it meant they would have to introduce some version of the Green Goblin to stay faithful to the comics.

“We were very careful to adhere to that,” Webb told us. “I think in this movie, we reverse engineered everything from that event. We knew that the Goblin had to do it, but who the Goblin was, I think we had some leeway because there was a precedent in the comics that Harry actually did turn into the Goblin, but we wanted to kind of withhold that. We knew if we just made him the only villain, the cat would’ve been out of the bag.”

What did you think about them staying true to the comics?  We the Refs are very happy that they did it.

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