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Daniel Radcliffe wants to be in “Sharknado 3”


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Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter,” the upcoming “What If”) stated in an interview that he is interested in having a minor cameo in “Sharknado 3.”

He told Ryan Seacrest, “I’ve been going through scenarios, like you [interviewer Ryan Seacrest] and me could be doing an interview and then… you say, like, ‘Would you ever consider doing another franchise?’, and I’ll be like, ‘No, I’d never be seen dead in one’ — [and then] shark [attack]… I have ideas.”

This actually sounds like a really fun way for him to be in this project, and then SyFy could bill it as ‘Starring Daniel Radcliffe’ despite him being in it for only 10 seconds.

Win Win For Everyone! MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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