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Count on Movavi Video Converter to convert movies into compatible file formats


Have you just made a movie and now you wish to share it among your friends and family? Well, that’s cool. It could be that you have made a movie from the glittering videos you took of the last Thanksgiving or Christmas party at your home. But what if the video file is too large? Now, if you want to send it to smartphones, you have to send your movie in a smaller or compressed video format.  Put simply, you will have to convert your movie into a smaller file, say MP4, so that it can be easily viewed from mobile phones. If you are asking how to process the conversion- Movavi Video Converter is all that you need here. It’s one of the best movie converter programs we have in the current market.

Here is a brief on how to convert your movie with Movavi Video Converter.

Download and install the software

First, you will have to download & install Movavi Video Converter in your PC.

Add movie file to the converter program

The next step is to add your movie file to the converter program window for conversion. Go to Add Media and click on it. Then, go to Add Video and choose your movie video. Movavi Video Converter supports any kind of video file format, including high tech Ultra HD files.

Select output format/device

Look for Video and choose the desired format for the converted movie video. You will also have to select the right movie video preset to specify the resolution of the video’s output format. If you want to convert the video for playing on smartphones, choose the right mobile device format from the program window. The Movavi product supports more than 200 mobile devices.

Edit your movie

Do you think you need to cut out some unwanted clips from the movie video? Or do you have to add captions? Well, Movavi Video Converter allows you to carry basic editing function on your video with its wide array of editing tools.

Convert the movie file & save

Now, we have reached to the final phase of the conversion process. First you will choose the destination folder for your output movie file. Click on Save to & select your destination folder. Next, click on Convert tab to commence the conversion process. As the conversion gets over, the converted movie will be saved straight in chosen destination folder.

Great features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Able to convert all kinds of media files
  • Ability to support all popular video, audio, image and DVD file formats
  • Super speedy conversion without loss of video quality
  • Editing functions available for last-minute touch up on file before conversion.

Useful tips for users

Movavi Video Converter is capable of auto recognition of a mobile device if it’s connected to the PC where it has been installed. So, if you want to convert the movie for your mobile, you will simply need to plug in the smartphone with your PC and the program will automatically detect it while conversion.

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