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Bruce Campbell on Why ASH VS. FREDDY VS. JASON Never Happened

Groovy! Ash (Bruce Campbell) is back in Ash vs. The Evil Dead, premiering this Halloween on Starz. While making the press rounds on the debut of his new show, the frequent Sam Raimi collaborator sat down with Yahoo Movies and was asked about a project that never happened: Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason. The famous chainsaw-handed hero would have been pit against two infamous slashers – Nightmare on Elm Street‘s clawed, nightmare-haunting Freddy, and Friday the 13th’s mute, hockey mask-wearing Jason.

2003’s Freddy vs. Jason matched the two iconic horror monsters against one another, leaving the ending open – of course – for further sequels. Why didn’t Ash get to take on (or more like take out) Freddy and Jason? As Campbell explained, it was in part due to a suggestion that Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees meet their end at the hands – more specifically, chainsaw hand – of Campbell’s Ash; a suggestion that proved unpopular. “If you can’t kill Freddy and Jason, there’s no reason for Ash to be in it,” said Campbell. “The problem with that concept was – lawyers run Hollywood. And the lawyers are gonna say, ‘Oh, you can’t kill Freddy.’ ‘Well, if you can’t kill Freddy, then you can’t kill Jason.’ So what are we gonna say? ‘Well, if you two bums can’t get killed, then neither can I.’ We had no control over the other characters,” revealed Campbell.

Freddy vs Jason
That’s putting aside the fact that, like many movie monsters, Freddy and Jason have been killed before – and always came back. No matter how convoluted or cheap the explanation, you can’t keep a good (and money making) monster down. An Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason movie could have easily ended with the Evil Dead hero coming out of the battle victorious (and alive), with Freddy and Jason vanquished – even if only to inexplicably return later on. Even a “what if” movie – a movie set in no particular canon, with no regards to continuity – could have proved successful and pleasing to fans. Freddy and Jason both ended up being rebooted anyway, proving a missed opportunity for an Ash. vs. Freddy vs. Jason movie.

Ash Evil Dead
In the end, horror hounds interested in seeing such a battle can have hope: the concept was turned into a six-part comic book series, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. You can catch more of Campbell’s wise-cracking Ash when the unlikely hero returns to combat the forces of the supernatural in Ash vs. The Evil Dead. The new series debuts this Saturday, exclusively on Starz.

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