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‘Batman vs. Superman’ Enlists ‘Argo’ Writer

Source: THR

Things just got real over WB.  In an apparent attempt to clean up the script for Batman VS. Superman WB is bringing Oscar-winning writer Chris Terrio.  Terrio is of course best known for his screenplay of Argo and his close friendship with Ben Affleck.

Warner Bros. is bringing Argo writer Chris Terrio into the Batman-Superman universe.

The Oscar-winning writer, who recently changed agencies from CAA to WME, has been brought in to write a draft of the Man of Steel follow-up, Batman vs. Superman.

Terrio has a strong relationship with the studio and the film’s star Ben Affleck. Affleck directed and starred in Argo, which won last year’s best picture Oscar for Warners.

This makes me ridiculously happy.  It means that WB is taking this franchise seriously and hopefully some of the flaws that Man of Steel had will be buffed away for this new film.  What are your thoughts?

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