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“Arrow” Season 4, Episode 3, “Restoration” Review


Tensions are pretty high over at Team Arrow; Diggle and Oliver are still on bad terms and the rest of the team is stuck in the middle of it. Laurel and Thea are also heading to Nanda Parbat, after last week’s cliffhanger in which we find out that they want to resurrect Sara. Apparently, literally nobody on this show ever learns that resurrection is a pretty shady thing in this universe. As for Damien, he’s pretty much up to exactly what you’d expect him to be up to; hiring meta-humans to take down Team Arrow. This meta-human is specifically Jeremy Tell, AKA Double Down, to the more established comic book fans.


“Restoration” is a pretty solid episode for what it’s worth, although it brings back quite a bit that I wasn’t a fan of last season. Specifically speaking, everything in Nanda Parbat. Of course, the obvious is Sara coming back after being such a shocking death and emotional hook of the entirety of the last season. I hate when shows do this, because it totally makes the impact feel less relevant and any other sense of tension feel relieved. Now we just know that anyone who dies on Team Arrow can just be dipped in the Lazarus Pit if they’re missed enough. The other aspect is Thea and Malcom’s bickering, which I didn’t miss at all. I thought this episode would tone it down a bit, but I was wrong. It was front and center throughout.
Fortunately, the episode does feature a pretty solid villain with Double Down. No cheap or emotional back story, yet no lack of development. His skills, motives, and presence are exhibited well, and is a believably worthy match for Team Arrow. He’s actually one of the highlights of this episode, and one of the better villains on the show as of late. Everything with Damien isn’t too revealing, but he continues to be a good shadow on all of the heroes and a good presence to make the mood feel a little uneasy. It should be interesting to see how and when they put him front and center against the protagonists.
Everything with Diggle hunting down HIVE in this episode is unfortunately a bit brief, but him and Oliver actually get really solid scenes together that make up for it and don’t feel too melodramatic. It’s also really nice to see Curtis Holt and Felicity’s banter becoming more consistent in the episode, as he is turning into both a great screen presence and a much needed sense of solid, comedic relief. All in all, “Restoration” is far from perfect with pacing issues and narrative problems, but succeeds when focusing on a solid villain and good character interactions. 3.5/5.

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