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“American Horror Story” Season 6 Details Emerge

Showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed several new details about American Horror Story Season 6 at this year’s PaleyFest. Although the subtitle and theme of the next season has not yet been announced, Ryan Murphy provided some revealing details. He said that, “the interesting thing about the next season is that we’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done.”

Prior to this quote, Murphy revealed that American Horror Story Season 6 will be set in two different time periods. The events of the present and past will be intertwined a la Stephen King’s It, a two-part miniseries that chronicled a group of friends struggling to survive the wrath of an evil entity in the present as their past haunts them.


Murphy also said that, one of the ideas that the creative team behind American Horror Story have been discussing includes “the opera.” Also, he claims that horror “often deals with the innocence of children, and their wide-eyed way into it. Both ideas we’re working with have elements of children.” Murphy’s quotes make it clear that the next season of American Horror Story will involve both an opera and children in peril.

Ryan Murphy also announced that the following cast members will return in American Horror Story Season 6: Kathy Bates (“Misery”), Denis O’Hare (“The Proposal”), Angela Bassett (“Meet the Robinsons”), Sarah Paulson (“Serenity”), Finn Wittrock (“Unbroken”), Wes Bentley (“The Hunger Games”), Chevenne Jackson (“United 93”), and Matt Bomer (“Blue Collar”).

Are you excited for American Horror Story Season 6?

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