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“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 2, Episode 8, “The Things We Bury” Review


I suppose a large majority of my criticisms with most of the shows that I review tend to be along the lines of balancing out substance and material. “Gotham” doesn’t really know how to do it at all, and “The Walking Dead,” while solid this season, is too inconsistent within it’s narrative. If there’s any show I’d least expect to give this title, especially a year, ago – for one of the most expertly balanced, nicely paced, and viciously entertaining shows on the air, it’s this one: Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” While I’ve always found it to be a simply fun show for the majority of the series, it’s impressive to see how much it has turned around all the expectations that follow behind it.

With all the speculation behind what exactly “The City” is, thanks to new information from last week’s episode, many fans were expecting that we would be introduced to this within “The Things We Bury.” Alas, we don’t get anything new. If you thought Marvel was going to pull that card so soon you really don’t know them at all. Though, what follows instead happens to be one of the strongest episodes of the season. “The Things We Bury” is a very appropriate title as it is very flashbacks heavy, and they tend to actually provide meaning for the storytelling this time around. See? This is what I call balance. It’s not hard, guys.
Where many were expecting an episode that centers around Coulson and his team trying to find out the secrets of “The City,” we get one that focuses on just a ton of different plot points that have been laying around for a while. For example, we finally get a large confrontation between Ward and his Brother – which happens to be extremely satisfying.. As well as a Peggy Carter flashback that links the mysterious object from the last few weeks ever further back in time. There’s just so much of everything this time around. Heck, even Skye’s father gets his time to shine, and has his plot developed some more.
One of the more subtle aspects of this episode, though nonetheless effective at its core, is Fitz’s redemption. While not totally redeemed and back to normal, you see him trying his best to try to get back on the field. It’s both heartbreaking at times, but at other times tends to be inspiring, with a glimmer of hope that we’ll see more cuteness from him and Simmons sometime soon. While I vastly enjoy the darker tone the second season has taken this time around I do sort of miss how laid back all the characters were this time last year.
The great thing about “The Things We Bury” is simply how it just focuses on so much, without ever getting contrived. All of the characters get at least one moment to shine, and the story is all the more gripping this week. It’s just a perfectly balanced episode that really surprised me way more than I was expecting it to. For eight episodes in it’s impressive how little momentum this show has actually lost since the finale of last season. Here’s to hoping for its continuing success. If the next episode is half as good as the promo makes it out to be we are in for a treat. 4/5.

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