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“Agent Carter” Season 1, Episode 8, “Valediction” Review


The eight episode long story is coming to an end with “Valediction,” the season finale for what may or may not be the only season for Marvel’s “Agent Carter.” We’ve seen Peggy Carter and her new partner, Jarvis, find and protect weapons and inventions from Howard Stark that have been traded across the black market to dangerous third parties. Of course, they have been a bit over their heads, and have gotten into some deep trouble with the authorities over these last two episodes. “Valediction” clears a lot of it up.


 We last left “Agent Carter” with Faustus and Dottie setting up some sort of gas in a movie theater, making all of the audience violently attack each other. We quickly follow up in this episode with Peggy and her team trying to hunt them down, and ultimately clearing Howard Stark’s name. This makes for a more than satisfying conclusion to this story, and a surprisingly action packed one at that with an exhilarating finale.
One of the most anticipated parts of the finale has been the lead-up to the showdown between Dottie and Peggy, as tensions have been rising for the past few weeks. The fight itself, while a bit shorter than I was anticipating it to be (typical Marvel move), was pretty awesome and worth the wait. The outcome of the fight is brutal and gives Peggy some extra bad-ass points. While I would like to see a little more from the character of Dottie it was a satisfying conclusion to the character.
The finale of the episode consists of Jarvis and Peggy contemplating whether or not they should shoot down Howard, who is under the control of Faustus and potentially going to kill a ton of innocent people. While this is obviously a reference to how Peggy had to deal with Captain America’s crashing in the ocean, and it may be a bit too close to call for most, I thought it was a pretty rad throwback to it and really let out Peggy’s emotions to a full degree. Making for both an exciting and emotionally satisfying conclusion.
So, where does this leave the potential of a second season with “Agent Carter?”  It is left pretty open for the potential for more stories with Dottie, and ends on a satisfying enough note to where they could ultimately go either way. With Peggy finally getting the recognition that she deserves, and ultimately disposing of Steve’s blood. It’s a pretty great ending to a very nice series, and like all Marvel properties, has a very cool potential in an after credits scene. 4/5.

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