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“Agent Carter” Season 1, Episode 4, “The Blitzkrieg Button” Review


It’s actually refreshing to see not only a female-led comic-book based show, but one that actually has some solid statements on sexism. Both in the industry and in the time in which “Agent Carter” takes place. I know that’s a pretty weird way to open a review, but I got a pretty good kick out of this episode, and I’m pretty happy about how much I’ve been enjoying this series as a whole. More importantly, it has room to bring in some very serious issues that could be addressed while developing the character and the story even further.


 “The Blitzkrieg Button” is aware of its potential, and for the most part takes advantage of it. A majority of the episode is spent showing how Howard Stark is back in town, and how he hasn’t been entirely truthful. There’s a pretty solid reveal as to what the substance is, and it is of Steve Roger’s superhuman blood. We get a good reason as to why he hid this from Peggy, and why exactly he has it. The potential to change the lives of people worldwide, and shape the world for the better isn’t exactly villainous, but more-so the ethical nature of the question is what the episode tries to dig into.
While it doesn’t go into it’s full potential in that category, as I mentioned earlier, it goes fully into developing and having fun with Peggy herself. For the past three episodes we’ve seen how terrible the agency has been treating Peggy. In fact, not even just Peggy, but women in general. If you look back at how Peggy took care of the jerk at the Diner the other week, you can see the pretty vivid examples of what the show is trying to say about the time where women were treated as lesser, and not very capable.
Yet, even among people like Howard and Jarvis, who respect her wholeheartedly and everything that she does, she seems to be the one person getting the most work done. She barely squints an eye or gets any rest, but in this episode she is hard at work and kicks some major ass. I don’t know if this character would shine as brightly as she does if it wasn’t for the magnificent performance by Hayley Atwell. “Agent Carter” isn’t really like any of the other shows on TV right now. It’s theatrically over the top in the best way possible, and just downright cool.
I’m also pretty impressed with how briskly this thing is being paced. Granted, this is a short series compared to other shows that stretch for 20+ episodes per season, but they’ve done a fantastic job at making each episode stand out individually while having one progressively whole story. We get a shine in the development department with where the detectives are coming along on the investigation, and even some people in Peggy’s building that might have some ulterior motives. Regardless, this is strong television. Even outside of comic-book adaptation standards. 4.5/5

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