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A new “24” show is in the works

While it doesn’t have to do with a movie “24” has always kind of played out like one long action film.

Thanks to a press release, via Collider, we now know that the new limited run series called “24: Live Another Day” will be shot in England.

The series will take place 4 years after the original series ended, and was born from a failed idea at a movie.

Of course Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his role (he has nothing else to do), but it isn’t known if the rest of the cast will (they aren’t doing anything either so why not).

The 12-episode series will pick up with Bauer as a fugitive on the run, but at the same time left in a situation where he needs to save the world.

Jack Bauer is the TV world’s John McClane, and in some regards even more¬†bad-assWW1. Look for this to hit small screens next fall.¬†

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