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10 Famous Actors Hidden In Popular Disney Movies (Video)

Because Disney can have its pick of actors when it comes to casting movies, some of the biggest stars of all time have portrayed or voiced characters in live-action or animated Disney films. For example, everyone knows that Tom Hanks is Woody in Toy Story and that Robin Williams was Genie in Aladdin, but some big actors’ roles in Disney movies go under the radar. In this video, Screen Rant presents ten famous actors you didn’t know were in Disney movies.

Miley Cyrus in Bolt,
Corey Feldman in The Fox and The Hound,
Demi Moore in The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
Melissa McCarthy in The Kid,
Oprah Winfrey in The Princess and the Frog,
Elijah Wood in The Adventures Of Huck Finn,
Matthew Broderick in The Lion King,
Tony Goldwyn in Tarzan,
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Treasure Planet,
Christian Bale in Pocahontas

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